Making Love Last With Respect And Loyalty


Happy Gay Asian CoupleLove at first sight is a real thing. However, it is not enough for a long term relationship. This kind of passion fades away and then love vanishes, if it isn’t based on true values such as respect and loyalty.

Respect is one of the main pillars of love. Without it, you can’t love someone, as this is how human nature works. We can only love what we respect. In order to love your partner, you need to admire him. You may choose a partner who isn’t your equal and may find, that sooner or later, your relationship will come to an end. When you disrespect someone, you tend to ignore their thoughts, opinions and feelings. This is not a nurturing home for love, so don’t be surprised to see it gone. The moment you lose respect for your man you should leave the relationship. You are going to do yourself a favour, as living with someone you disrespect can be very hard if not impossible.

Loyalty is the other important aspect of any romantic relationship. If you are not loyal, your relationship is not going to be a success. How can you love your boyfriend while telling him lies? How can you come home to the love of your life, straight from the bed of another man? Even if you think you can do it, you should know that your behaviour is going to change. We are different when we know we’ve done something shameful. Your lover is going to feel you’re not the same. This is going to be the beginning of the end. This is why loyalty matters, in keeping the love flame alive.

Unhappy Gay Couple

There are gay couples who agree to an open relationship. Nevertheless, these people don’t lie to each other. They are both aware of the situation and they embrace it. This is different than cheating, so you shouldn’t take such relationships as models for your own, unless you intend to open up your relationship to other people.

This being said, if you put respect and loyalty at the center of your core values, you increase the chances that your love will last much longer than average. You may even grow old together and love each other even more than in the beginning.