Trust Your Lover Enough To Spend Time Away From You

Loving Lesbian Women


You cannot get enough of the woman in your life. She is funny, intelligent and absolutely beautiful. And, because she is so amazing, you truly enjoy spending a lot of time with her. While it is great to spend time together and build a special bond, it is just as important for her to spend some quality time and have some space away, with her other female friends and family.

Some women get into a relationship and are so infatuated with the excitement of spending time with someone new, they stop spending as much time with their loved ones. These very important people in their lives, may start to feel like she does not care about them. She is spending all of her time with her new girlfriend instead of making even a small bit of time for them. You do not want something like that to happen with the woman in your life.

You should encourage her to go out and have fun with her other female friends just as she normally would have done before she met you. She can go shopping, gossip, have a great meal or participate in lots of activities with her friends while you stay busy with your own. It is a great way for her to spend time socialising with someone other than yourself, while allowing you both to get some space between seeing one another.

Having some space is not bad for a relationship. In every kind of adult relationship, gay, lesbian and straight, time alone or doing what you like without your girlfriend is healthy and good. You do not have to stop doing things you like because she is not into them and vice versa. In fact, if you want the relationship to work out, never try to keep your partner from hanging out with the ones she cares about and loves. Give her the freedom she deserves and you will see just how well it works out for both of you.